Rep. Niemerg Meets with Edwards Co. & Wabash Co. Farm Bureaus to Discuss Roads Used by Farmers

State Representative Adam Niemerg (109th District) and State Senator Darren Bailey (55th District) met with members of the Edwards County Farm Bureau, Wabash County Farm Bureau, and residents of both counties to discuss the unique issue of road districts. Conversation focused on the problems facing farmers and the maintenance of the roads that are the responsibility of various levels of government (city, township, county and state highways) and what legislative action could be taken to alleviate the burden on local level government and taxpayers.

“Moving equipment from field to field and transporting produce and livestock from the farm to market requires safe roads<‘ commented Rep. Adam Niemerg. “We need to work with those who use these roadways to keep the number one industry in Illinois moving and growing and we need to maintain these roads as efficiently and economically as possible. The bottom line is taxpayers always end up paying the bill.”

The online meeting was arranged with the help of Edwards County Farm Bureau Manager Rebecca Perry and Wabash County Farm Bureau Manager Carol Beadles. If you have any suggestions or input about the roads in our area, please contact Rep. Niemerg at 217-813-6036 or Senator Bailey at 68-665-4109.