Rep. Niemerg Talks to Dieterich High School Government Classes

State Rep. Adam Niemerg (109th District) speaks to Dieterich High School seniors about the legislative process January 14, 2022

State Representative Adam Niemerg spoke to two government classes today at Dieterich High School.

“Thank you to Mr. Ryan Repking, the Social Studies & Technology Education teacher, who invited me to speak to more of the seniors who are learning about the Constitution and state government,” said Rep. Niemerg. “I was impressed with the kinds of questions the students asked. They are going to be better informed citizens with in-depth discussions like these.”

The students questioned Rep. Niemerg about a variety of topics including how he works with other legislators, what does he do to get bills passed, and what was his educational background to be able to run for the General Assembly. Niemerg explained how important it is to be true to your convictions, do your homework for debates, and not be afraid to fight for what is right. He advised that reaching across the political aisle to build coalitions on your legislation is very important, especially when your party is in the minority.

Mr. Repking’s 11:50 Government Class hears from State Rep. Adam Niemerg on Jan. 14, 2022.
Dieterich High seniors in Mr. Repking’s 1:05pm government class heard from Rep. Adam Niemerg (1109th Dist.)
Rep. Adam Niemerg explains how districts are divided u with approximately 108,000 constituents in 118 House of Representative districts and 59 Senate districts.
Rep. Niemerg talked about the remap process that occurs every ten years with the U.S. Census.