Rep. Niemerg Honors Newton Police Chief Mike Swick on 43 Years of Service

State Rep. Adam Niember presents a Certificate to former Newton Police Chief Mike Swick who retired in May of this year after 43 years of service.

State Representative Adam Niemerg presented a certificate on Wednesday to honor and recognize 43 years of service to Newton Police Chief Mike Swick.

“Our law enforcement community needs to know that the majority of the public appreciates their dedication to our community,” said Rep. Adam Niemerg. “Chief Swick’s more than four decades of service is a wonderful example for those looking at a possible career in law enforcement.”


May 29 was “Goodbye Friday” for Mike Swick at Newton Police Department. After 43 years in law enforcement, the affable lawman was finishing a lifelong career with his trademark smile. “This has been the only full-time job I’ve ever had,” Swick said in his office several days ago. “I joke I can’t do anything else because I haven’t been trained.”

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