Rep. Niemerg’s ‘Satellite Office Hours’ Bring State Gov’t to Rural Illinois

Legislative Assistant Dallas Bear is seen here with Compassion Pregnancy Center Director, Cathy Bennett, in Fairfield.

Representative Adam Niemerg’s Satellite Office Hours program continues to bring state staff and resources to rural areas of the 109th District. This week’s program made stops in Olney, Fairfield, and Lawrenceville. We are always looking for facilities to host our Satellite Office Hours and bring state government to everyone in the district. Please contact the office at 217-813-6036 if you have space and are accessible to those seniors, veterans, and others who may need ADA accessibilities.

District Office Legislative Assistant, Dallas Bear meets with constituent, Patty Zwilling.
Thank you to Fairfield’s Acting Mayor, Gary Moore seen here with Leg. Asst. Dallas Bear.
Pictured with L.A. Dallas Bear are Fairfield City Treasurer Kayla Warren (left) and Dian Downs (right), Assistant to the Mayor.