Niemerg: Democrats Latest Unconstitutional Attack on Second Amendment Rights would Punish Law-Abiding Citizens

DIETERICH….State Representative Adam Niemerg (R-Dieterich) has issued a stinging rebuke of Illinois Democrats’ latest attempt to take away law-abiding citizens’ Second Amendment rights. Niemerg says he believes HB 5855 is a direct affront to the rights afforded citizens of the United States to protect themselves, their families, and their property.

“I am appalled at the latest gun-grab bill filed by Democrats, and am warning my constituents that HB 5855 represents a direct threat to law-abiding citizens in this state,” Niemerg said. “To call this latest effort a gun-control bill is not enough. This is a straight up gun and ammunition grab. In many ways, I am not surprised, but I am outraged at the flagrant attempt to take away our 2nd Amendment Rights.”

HB 5855 contains several provisions that would make law-abiding citizens currently in possession of semi-automatic hand guns, rifles, and shotguns and magazines that hold more than ten rounds into criminals.

“This bill would require a gun registry for almost every kind of semi-automatic weapon, it would outlaw any magazine holding more than 10 rounds from being made, sold, or possessed, it would outlaw individual hunting for people under the age of 21, and it would require now law-abiding citizens to pay a fee of $25 per firearm to the State of Illinois in order to avoid being a Felon under the new law,” Niemerg said. “If more gun laws were the answer to our crime problems we would have no gun violence in Illinois. We already have the most stringent gun laws in the nation. Gun violence by handguns in Chicago is outrageous, but it is already illegal to own a handgun in Chicago.”

UPDATE 12-12-2022:

Niemerg says a subject matter hearing of the House Judiciary Criminal Law Committee has been re-scheduled for Thursday, December 15 at 10:00 AM in Chicago. Citizens who are interested in this issue and the 2nd Amendment are encouraged to register your opinion by filing a “Witness Slip” on line at this link HERE.