Rep. Niemerg Opposed Another Irresponsible Pay Raise to Legislators, Constitutional Officers and Department Directors

State Representative Adam Niemerg (R-Dieterich) voted no on the supplemental budget Implementation (BIMP) bill submitted late in the night during Lame Duck session. In that bill is a pay raise for legislators to $85,000 a year and pay raises to Constitutional Officers, as well as the various agency directors in Illinois.

“This is another irresponsible decision by the Democrats to increase their own pay nearly 17 percent when they haven’t shown they can be responsible and pass a real balanced budget using tax dollars from struggling families, seniors, and small business owners,” stated Rep. Adam Niemerg. “Rather than lining their own pockets, Illinois Democrats should join Republicans to create lasting tax relief that will keep more money in family budgets and help our small businesses grow so we can keep up with neighboring states. Illinoisans deserve better from their government.”