VIDEO: Rep. Niemerg Continues Fight for Life and Parental Involvement

State Representative Adam Niemerg (R-Dieterich) continued his fight against abortions in Illinois during the late-night push by the Democrat majority to pass Senate Bill 1534, Floor Amendment 4, that will mandate insurance companies expand paid access to abortion. 

“The supporters of this bad legislation admitted that the liberal abortion policies here in Illinois have attracted women and girls from 31 other states into Illinois to get abortions over this last year,” pointed out Rep. Adam Niemerg. 

Under Senate Bill 1534, minors could receive a surgical abortion from a non-doctor in a clinic that is not held to the same standards as other medical facilities and their parents never have to know. This legislation permits a doctor who loses their license for illegally performing an abortion in another state, to then can come to Illinois and get a medical license anyway. 

“We have to continue to fight against these extreme policies that encourage abortions and cut parents out of these life-altering procedures and drugs on our daughters and sons,” added Rep. Niemerg, a father of two. “Enough is enough!”