Rep. Niemerg Opposes Gov. Pritzker’s ‘Woke Wish List’ in his FY2024 Budget Address

102nd District State Representative Adam Niemerg (R-Dieterich) criticized Gov. JB Pritzker’s State of the State Address with his proposed budget priorities as a push for the Governor’s “woke wish list” to the detriment of hard-working Illinois families and seniors on fixed incomes who are grappling with record inflation.

“Governor Pritzker claims that he has swooped in and saved Illinois from itself and all is rosy because of his leadership over the past four years, without admitting that the things he is taking credit for were only made possible by temporary bailouts from the federal government through pandemic relief monies. 

This governor proposes no significant structural changes to our spending pressures under this budget. No permanent property tax relief has been extended, and no regulatory relief has been implemented. His priorities are his ‘woke wish list’ which includes expanding abortions in Illinois and enticing women and girls from other states to come to Illinois for abortions.

Everyone can see how poorly run state programs are: our child welfare agency, veterans’ home disease outbreaks, and abuse and neglect at facilities for the developmentally disabled are but a few recent examples under the Pritzker Administration. Each of these situations has ended with tragic results.

My Republican colleagues and I are here to work. We want to make reforms to state government to fund our shared priorities and keep government functioning effectively by living within our means. But that doesn’t mean that Republicans will be willing accomplices in setting up residents for tax hikes to fund new social programs and spending we cannot afford.”