Rep. Niemerg Opposes Abortion Clinic in Vermillion County

This week, I joined several of my colleagues at a rally for life at a lot across from where an abortion clinic will be located in Danville, IL. My district includes part of southern Vermilion County and I have been receiving calls to my office about this proposed clinic.

The people of Danville don’t want an abortion clinic in their community. My office has received numerous phone calls from people upset by what is happening in their own backyard.

There seems to be a sinister effort to bring abortion clinics to parts of Illinois that are overwhelmingly pro-life just to make some sort of a point. The far-left has moved far beyond merely making abortion legal. They have become abortion advocates.

Abortion is the most protected industry in Illinois. Abortion providers in Illinois get proclamations from the Governor recognizing them. They get to perform abortions on minors – minors who can’t go on school field trips without a parent or guardian signature, can’t buy alcohol or tobacco and must comply with the restrictions of our state’s graduated driver’s license laws. Abortion providers get immunity from lawsuits. Abortion doctors that have lost their license in other states can open up a clinic here in Illinois and get their license restored – no questions asked.

Cardiologists or surgeons who have lost their license in other states are not so lucky when they come to Illinois.

This new clinic in Danville won’t have to live up to the standard of care we require for other ambulatory surgical centers. They get to provide cheaper, less safe care. But of course, the abortion advocates in Illinois really are all about taking care of women.

It is a complete farce.

We don’t need more abortions in Illinois, and we certainly don’t need this clinic.