VIDEO: Rep. Niemerg Defends Pregnancy Care Centers; Continues Fight of Extreme Abortion Bills

Today, State Representative Adam Niemerg (R-Dieterich) defended the rights of pregnancy care centers in Illinois not to be shut down for political reasons and to protect Constitutionally protected free speech.

“Illinois has already established itself as the most radically pro-abortion state in America but the extreme Democrats aren’t satisfied with that honor,” said Rep. Adam Niemerg. “Senate Bill 1909 specifically identifies and names pregnancy centers and claims it will only prohibit pregnancy centers from the ‘use or employment of any deception, fraud, false pretense, false promise, or misrepresentation … to interfere with or prevent an individual from seeking to gain entry or access to a provider of abortion’.” 

Niemerg points out that the legislation targets crisis pregnancy centers in our state and seeks to unlawfully ban pregnancy centers from exercising their Constitutional right to free speech and prohibit people from telling pregnant women about the negative side effects of an abortion. Under this proposal, only one person, the Illinois Attorney General, will have the discretion to enforce this law and a court of law will be able to impose up to $50,000 fine.

“Expecting mothers should be able to hear their options to keep their child or choose adoption and they should not be pushed by a political agenda to abort their unborn child,” continued Niemerg. “I continue to stand with Pregnancy Resource Center, Pro Life Action League, Illinois Right to Life Action, and Concerned Christian Americans in opposition to this proposal and urge everyone to contact the Governor’s office to veto this bad public policy.”