Niemerg Meets with Mayors in the 102nd District

Photo (l-r): Mayors Tina Calloway of Hutsonville, Teresa Fielder of Oblong, Greg Bachelor of Flat Rock, State Rep. Adam Niemerg (102nd District), Brad Hardiek of Dieterich, David Courtney of Lawrenceville, and Mike Shimer of Robinson.

“Restore Local Distributive Funds for Needed Projects”

State Representative Adam Niemerg (R-Dieterich) sponsored regional meetings with the mayors of his district. The first roundtable was held in Robinson for the 22 mayors of the southern portion of the 102nd District and the second meeting was held in Paris for the 23 mayors of the northern portion of the 102nd District.

Rep. Adam Niemerg provides a legislative update with local mayors from the northern portion of his district at the Paris City Hall: (l-r) Mayors Dwight Ennis of Westfield, John Hasten of Marshall, Kurt Crail of Ashmore, and Craig Smith of Paris.

“I appreciate all of the mayors who were able to attend on Friday just after the storms that moved through our portion of the state,” said Rep. Niemerg. “We discussed storm response and the needs of each community.”

Rep. Niemerg opened with a recap of the legislative session and the challenges of the process. He talked about some of his successes with a few pieces of legislation and his efforts to walk across the House Floor to the opposition party to advocate for important legislation such as his bill for child victims to testify remotely without having to endure more trauma by having to be in the same courtroom with their abusers.

Each mayor introduced themselves and talked about their own town and the priorities for public safety goals and improvements to utilities and infrastructure. A number of the mayors have old dilapidated buildings that need to be demolished for safety concerns and to open the possibilities for economic development and community development opportunities.

“I was surprised at the number of mayors who said they had not been invited to a meeting such as this before and they found it helpful to bounce ideas off of others on solutions to common issues in their villages and towns,” added Rep. Niemerg. “We have some follow-up meetings we are planning for some transportation issues impacted by economic development projects and I look forward to continuing to support the communities with grant applications and finding solutions between the State of Illinois and our local communities.”