Rep. Niemerg Says IL Supreme Court Ruling on SAFE-T Act is Reckless

State Representative Adam Niemerg (R-Dieterich) says the Illinois Supreme Court ruling today on the SAFE-T Act is reckless and will ultimately make our communities less safe.

“The political leaders in Illinois are about one thing – self-preservation,” Niemerg said. “JB Pritzker contributed millions in the last election cycle to elect Democrats to the Illinois Supreme Court and his reward is the mental gymnastics used to justify eradicating cash bail which is enshrined in our Constitution in the very first article. What has happened today is another example of the culture of corruption that has been the hallmark of Illinois politics for far too long.”

Niemerg said beyond the politics of the ruling, communities will be less safe as a result of the Court’s partisan actions.

“There will be more criminals put back on the street as a result of this law which will put people’s lives at risk,” Niemerg said. “It also will make it even tougher for people to cooperate with police and identify suspects. They will be less willing to ID criminals out of fear they will be targeted once the suspect is released from custody. The Illinois Supreme Court’s decision to put politics ahead of common-sense and the plain language of the Constitution has put lives at risk.”