Rep. Niemerg Statement on IL Supreme Court Ruling on Challenge to Weapons Ban Law

Dieterich, IL – State Rep. Adam Niemerg (R-Dietrich) is issuing the following statement on the Illinois Supreme Court’s ruling on DAN CAULKINS et al., Appellees, v. JAY ROBERT PRITZKER, in His Official Capacity as Governor of the State of Illinois, et al.:

“There was little doubt going into the release of this ruling of how our completely partisan Supreme Court would decide this case. Politics trumps all in the corrupt State of Illinois. This law unequally applies the law by granting some FOID card holders the right to bear certain types of firearms but denies that same right to others. It violates Article IV Section 8 (d) of the Constitution which requires all bills to be read three times. And it violates the Second Amendment. If the ruling class in Illinois had even a shred of honesty and decency the rights of honest citizens would have been protected today. Instead, the far-left activists on the Supreme Court decided to put politics above the law. This decision – while not a surprising one – is the outcome Governor Pritzker bought with the millions of dollars he put into Supreme Court races in the last election. Today is a dark day for Illinois.”