Rep. Niemerg’s Statement on Gov. Pritzker’s Veto of Bipartisan Legislation to Lift Moratorium on New Nuclear Power Plants

State Rep. Adam Niemerg issued the following statement on the Governor’s veto of common-sense legislation aimed at ensuring Illinois families have access to reliable and accessible power.

“Governor JB Pritzker’s radicalism extends far beyond even many of the legislators in his own party. He vetoed a bill that would have lifted the moratorium on new nuclear power plants in Illinois. The legislation would have allowed construction of Small Modular Nuclear Reactors, or SMRs to ensure the availability and affordability of electricity in Illinois. The legislation passed with veto proof majorities in the House and the Senate because even Democratic legislators recognize the problems posed by the Climate and Equitable Jobs Act (CEJA) which forces the closure of coal fired plants in Illinois by 2045. Both Democrats and Republicans understand that wind and solar are not sufficient to meet our energy needs once these plants go offline.

This legislation would have a much-needed stopgap to ensure Illinois residents had access to the power they need to heat and cool their homes. JB Pritzker has demonstrated once again his priorities are his own political aspirations and currying favor with the donor class in the Democratic party at our expense. His desire to run for President has put him at odds with even his party. We must protect Illinois’s future by overriding this senseless Veto.”