Rep. Niemerg Tackles Tough Issues at Robinson Town Hall: Fighting Abortion Expansion & Defending Parental Rights

State Rep. Adam Niemerg discusses issues with constituents at the Robinson Civic Center on January 25, 2024

State Rep. Adam Niemerg hosted another Town Hall meeting for constituents on Thursday evening at the Robinson Civic Center. Vowing to continue to represent the rural conservative values of his southeastern Illinois district, Rep. Niemerg addressed illegal immigration with the goal to repeal the TRUST ACT of 2017 that in essence created the “sanctuary state” status in Illinois and to continue to find a way to re-establish the Invest in Kids Scholarship to give parents a choice for better education for their children.

Attendees were able to pick up informational brochures about state programs and sign up for legislative updates on issues coming before the Illinois General Assembly.

Other issues of concern were fighting for Second Amendment rights, economic policy changes to eliminate the “death tax” (inheritance tax) in Illinois or at least expand the exemption amount from $4 million to $12 million to be in line with the federal tax guideline.

If you were unable to attend the town hall, please contact the district office at 217-813-6036 to receive help with state programs or voice your concerns.