Rep. Niemerg Helps Local Leaders Learn About New Grant Opportunities

New grant funding opportunities have been posted to the Illinois’ Catalog of State Financial Assistance (CSFA) website. The table below summarizes these opportunities – including the awarding agency, the type of grant opportunity, the application end date, and the single award ranges for those grants. Interested parties can find detailed information about these grant opportunities by going to the CSFA website (linked above) and following the “Click here to browse a list of current funding opportunities” hyperlink. This will take them to a page that lists all the active grants available which they can then research further by clicking on the named grant opportunity.

Additionally, anyone can subscribe to a weekly mailing list of new opportunities by sending a blank E-mail message to:

Rep. Niemerg encourages local community leaders (mayors, city managers, to subscribe to the weekly notices and share these competitive grant opportunities below to maximize state resources in their villages, towns, cities, townships, and counties.

For more information, please contact the district office at 217-813-6036.