Rep. Niemerg Gives Lesson to Local Students – “State Reps. for the Day”

State Rep. Adam Niemerg (R-Dieterich) hosted 92 students from five different Kindergarten Classes from the Teutopolis Grade School this morning. Thank you to the Kindergarten teachers Ms. Carmen Breer, Ms. Teri Jansen, Ms. Wendy Kreke, Ms. Sarah Wendt, and Ms. Sydney Tipton for stopping at the district office on your walk uptown.

Niemerg talked to them about what he does in the State of Illinois General Assembly and asked them questions such as, “What State do we live in?” “What is the Capital?” “What Country do we live in?” etc. 

Rep. Niemerg had them pretend to be “State Representatives for a Day” and had them vote on whether they wanted Pizza or Chicken Nuggets for Dinner. Pizza won in every class. He asked the students who chose Chicken Nuggets to explain why they voted that way, and he received a variety of answers like “They taste good” or “I like to dip them in ketchup.” Then he talked to them about how he “argues” or “debates” in Springfield for what he feels are the best laws.

Niemerg then presented each student with an Illinois State Certificate for “making their first vote,” a coloring book with Illinois State symbols, a special State bookmark, and each received their own “Patriotic Voting Hat.”