Rep. Niemerg: “Assisted Suicide” Proposal Prompts Growing Opposition

Opposition to Senate Bill 3499 is growing in the 102nd District and around the state. Monday evening in Dieterich, 60 concerned citizens met at a “Red Flag” Forum to learn about the “End-of-Life Options for Terminally Ill Patients Act.”

“I want to thank Carolyn Hollar and her organization for hosting this educational forum to provide information to concerned citizens,” said Rep. Adam Niemerg, who champions the Pro-Life issue in the Illinois General Assembly. “It is important for people to hear from health care professionals like Dr. Ruben Boyijan and others to know all of the facts surrounding end-of-life decisions. Everyone needs to be heard on this issue and when it comes up for a hearing in committee, you will have an opportunity to file a witness slip in opposition to this bad public policy proposal online at”