Rep. Niemerg Calls Out Democrats on Last-Minute Election Code Changes to Eliminate Slating of Candidates

State Representative Adam Niemerg (R-Dieterich), made the following statement this afternoon concerning last-minute legislation (Senate Bill 2412) that lacks transparency and continues the long history of Illinois’ political corruption:

“I understand personally how the election process can be manipulated and used against Republicans by the Democrats in Illinois who have had control for so long. This plan would throw out the current rules for running for legislative office in a blatant attempt to keep Republicans off the ballot.

“The law’s immediate effective date means that as soon as the Governor signs it into law, Democrats will be able to retroactively remove candidates that the Republican party has already placed on the ballot through the current legal slating process. The heavy-handedness of this proposal shows the depths to which the Democrats that have run Illinois into the ground will go to cling to their political power.”

Rep. Niemerg encourages voters to contact the Governor and demand fairness in Illinois.

For more information, you may contact Rep. Niemerg’s office at 217-813-6036 or online at