Niemerg Passes Legislation to Help Fund Ambulance Services and Provide Tax Savings

State Representative Adam Niemerg (R-Dieterich) passed legislation to permit the transfer of a Fire Protection District’s ambulance levy to a county that is already providing its ambulance service. Supported by the Illinois Association of Fire Protection Districts, the new law will permit this transfer when emergency ambulance service to any portion of the Fire Protection District is already providing that service through an intergovernmental agreement by the county.

“This is a common-sense change in the law to allow the money to follow to the actual provider of the service without two government entities charging a levy for the same service,” explained Rep. Niemerg. “This initiative impacts the Marshall Fire Protection District and Clark County in my district and will provide tax savings for those living within the Marshall Fire Protection District. We were able to amend the proposal to be applied state-wide and this will be good for taxpayers across Illinois.”

Upon certification to the county clerk by both the County and Fire Protection District that all criteria have been met under the provisions, the rate for emergency ambulance service for the area once serviced under the Fire Protection District for emergency ambulance service shall be the rate the county levies under the Code. Endorsed by the United Counties Council of Illinois, Senate Bill 3402 now goes back to the Senate for a vote on the House change.

For more information, you may contact Rep. Niemerg’s office at 217-813-6036 or online at