Rep. Niemerg Bills Honor Fallen Servicemembers

Spc. Charles Lamb, Deputy Sean Riley, and Lt. Jared Southworth

State Representative Adam Niemerg (R-Dieterich) announced the passage of three bills in the Illinois Senate to honor the service and sacrifice of three men who made the ultimate sacrifice for their communities and nation. House Joint Resolutions must pass both chambers before they become law.

House Joint Resolution 28 honors the sacrifice of Wayne County Deputy Sheriff Sean Riley who was killed in the line of duty on December 29, 2021. A section of Interstate 64 from mile marker 112 to 116 will be named the “Deputy Sean Riley Memorial Highway.” Deputy Riley suffered fatal gunshot wounds after attempting to assist a motorist on the highway.

House Joint Resolution 39 designates a section of Illinois Route 133 in Oakland as the “Lieutenant Jared W. Southworth Memorial Highway” to honor his service and sacrifice to his community and the United States. Lt. Southworth, a part-time police officer in Oakland, was killed while serving in Afghanistan in 2009.


House Joint Resolution 50 recognizes the life and service of an Illinois Army National Guard member from Paris, Illinois by naming a section of U.S. Route 40 the “Army Specialist Charles Lamb Memorial Highway.” Spc. Chuck Lamb was killed during a mortar attack while serving with the 1544th Transportation Unit southwest of Baghdad, Iraq.

Rep. Niemerg works with the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) to have signage created and installed at the proper locations to honor their service and sacrifices and help keep their memories alive for the family and friends who are left to mourn their loss.

“These designations along our roadways help to show our respect for these men who had an impact on serving their communities and defending our safety and freedoms,” commented Rep. Adam Niemerg.

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